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The Copper Bracelet ♥ ♥ ♥
Read by Alfred Molina
7 discs

Harold Middleton returns in this explosive sequel to The Chopin Manuscript as he’s drawn into an international terror plot that threatens to send India and Pakistan into full-scale nuclear war. Careening from Nice to London and Moscow to Kashmir to prevent nuclear disaster, Middleton is unaware his prey has changed and the act of terror is far more diabolical than he knows.


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The Assassins Gallery ♥ ♥ ♥
Read by George Guidall

11 discs

Professor Mikhal Lammeck’s specialty is assassins, but even Lammeck is caught off guard when the Secret Service urgently requests his help: a gruesome double murder and suicide in Massachusetts has set off alarm bells. In the waning days of World War II, someone wants one last shot to alter history. An assassinis headed to Washington, D.C., to kill the most important soldier of them all: the U.S. commander in chief.

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The Intelligencer ♥ ♥ ♥
Read by Alfred Molina and Jan Maxwell

aintellOn May 30, 1593, London’s most popular playwright was stabbed to death. The royal coroner ruled that Christopher Marlowe was killed in self-defense, but historians have long suspected otherwise, given his role as an “intelligencer” in the queen’s secret service. In sixteenth-century London, Marlowe embarks on his final intelligence assignment, hoping to find his missing muse, as well as the culprits behind a high-stakes smuggling scheme. In present-day New York, grad student turned private eye Kate Morgan is called in on an urgent matter. One of her firm’s top clients, a London-based financier, has chanced upon a mysterious manuscript that had been buried for centuries — one that someone, somewhere is desperate to steal. What secret lurks in those yellowed, ciphered pages? And how, so many years later, could it drive someone to kill? As Kate sets off for England, she receives a second assignment. An enigmatic art dealer has made an eleven-million-dollar purchase from an Iranian intelligence officer. Is it a black-market antiquities deal, or something far more sinister? Like Marlowe, Kate moonlights as a spy

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Restless ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Read by Rosamund Pike

boydIn 1976 Sally Gilmartin  reveals her clandestine past as a Russian emigree recruited into the British Secret Service in 1939 to her only daughter, Ruth, a graduate student and single mother living a dull civilian life in Oxford.

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